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Except for one thing: More males than females reported that they’d recently engaged in casual sex (double the number in the first study, and more than double in the second).One rather simple explanation, other than that some of the test subjects might be fibbing, is that women define “casual sex” differently than men—primarily because they are more likely to seek and feel an emotional connection in addition to the physical experience. Research on the psychological effects of casual sexual encounters is in its infancy, and scientists are just beginning to scratch the surface.He is author of Cruise Control: Understanding Sex Addiction in Gay Men and Sex Addiction 101: A Basic Guide to Healing from Sex, Porn, and Love Addiction, and co-author with Dr. There is no way for a man to win this contest except to not play.Jennifer Schneider of both Closer Together, Further Apart: The Effect of Technology and the Internet on Parenting, Work, and Relationships and Always Turned On: Sex Addiction in the Digital Age. A prostitute isn't going to play this game, because both the sex and the price are discussed up front.Meanwhile, others think the current digital hookup culture is a great way to be sexually active while single, and maybe even a good way to meet someone who might become a longer-term partner. In the post-Kinsey world, there is not a lot of research looking at the psychological effects of casual sex on those who do (or don’t) engage in it.In the research that does exist, the primary focus is generally limited to the question: Are the people who engage in casual sex more depressed, and do they have lower self-esteem, than the people who aren’t having casual sex?

Almost every study that is performed regarding sex will find that women should be doing everything they can to have monogamous relationships that lead to marriage. Of course, most women who function in the real world know otherwise.

A) Human females want short term, commitment free sex just as much, or perhaps more then, males. ) The article does not mention these two earthshaking lessons.

I would have killed to of seen these major advancements at least mentioned!

Prior to this research, it was generally assumed that the psychological wellbeing of women was more likely to be negatively impacted by casual sex than that of men, primarily because the potential consequences (social shaming, feeling used/abused, pregnancy, etc.) would seem to be much higher.

Nevertheless, the findings of each study were consistent by gender.

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Tinder, for instance, matches people based on the fact that they like each other’s pictures.

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