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Bisexual people are still bisexual even when they’re in committed, monogamous relationships with a man and/or a woman.“It has been scientifically proven, again and again, that bisexuals are indecisive flibbertigibbets who…are so swamped with people they are attracted to (which is, let’s face it, everyone) that they are in a constant state of exhaustion from wild, abandoned sex with multiple partners.”At least, that’s how Tania Browne jokingly put it in the Guardian.

Just as being attracted to both blondes and brunettes doesn’t mean you need partners of both hair colors to be sexually and romantically satisfied, being attracted to more than one gender has nothing inherently to do with polyamory.

Honest dialogue that breaks down insecurities will always deepen trust in relationships.

Vulnerability is a cornerstone to a healthy and successful relationship.

Shocking, but true: Bisexual people aren’t lustfully attracted to just anyone that walks by.

In fact, many bi individuals are quite selective in whom they choose for romantic or sexual relationships.

There may be other things about your bi partner that may make them undateable. Being attracted to multiple genders allows bisexuals to be attracted to individuals for far more than just their physical appearance.

Polyamorous couples come in all different varieties.

There are straight, gay, and even bisexual polyamorous couples and individuals.

To clear up the myths, here’s what actually true and what’s certainly not – the “facts.”Bisexual people, especially bisexual women, are often sexualized: We’re good for a romp in the sack, the logic goes, but not good enough to take home to the parents.

The sexualization stems from visualizing bisexuality not as a sexual identity on par with heterosexuality or homosexuality, but as a sex act.

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Whether you're looking for a hookup, friendship or an LTR (long-term relationship), Tinder has you covered.

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Networks, the parent company of those sites, has reportedly been hacked, resulting in the leak of of over 412 million accounts, according to Leaked Source (h/t to CSO).

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Cruises for single black Christians are also becoming popular.

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Since on Tinder you’re more likely to find someone who wants to meet his relationship match, rather to spend one awesome night with a stranger, Yumi has become a good alternative for Tinder and Craigslist Personal Ads.

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It’s fairly new, so you might not find as many potential partners as the original apps – but give it time.

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Kid-Friendly Dating Tips Hunt down your date and your kid at the same time at skirmish.