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As the number of internet users increases, problematic internet use, or internet addiction, has been rising as well.

The term internet addiction has been used frequently and casually to describe individuals with severe internet overuse or problematic internet use (2–5).

The concept of hikikomori was first introduced to the public when a Japanese psychiatrist, Tamaki Saito, published a book in 1998 with the name in its title (30).

In his book Social Withdrawal (Shakaiteki Hikikomori), Saito defined hikikomori provisionally as “those who withdraw entirely from society and stay in their own homes for more than six months, with onset usually during the latter half of their twenties, and for whom other psychiatric disorders do not better explain the primary causes of this condition.” Since then, hikikomori has attracted the interest of researchers and a few epidemiological studies have been carried out in Japan.

Discussion: Internet technology has changed our daily lives dramatically and altered the way we communicate as well.

As social media applications are becoming more popular, users are connected more tightly to the internet and their time spent with others in the real world continues to decrease.

The results of the MIAC survey (n = 38,630) reported that 59.7% of users access the internet through a smartphone, while 52.5% of them use the internet via desktop and/or laptop computers (1).

Dominance of the smartphone is more prominent in younger age groups compared to senior age groups.

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We investigated the difference and correlation of the results between two groups based on the purpose of internet use or the total score of each self-rating scale, such as screened positive or negative for the risk of internet addiction, smartphone addiction, or hikikomori.The results from a national survey conducted by MIAC in 2013 also came to a similar conclusion; in that male users preferred playing games on the internet while female users mostly used it for communications with their friends (27).It is notable that 68.4% of teenagers use SNSs, according to the MIAC survey (1).Regarding hikikomori trait, the subjects at high risk for hikikomori on HQ-25 had longer internet usage time and higher scores on both IAT and SAS-SV.Correlation analyses revealed that HQ-25 and IAT scores had a relatively strong relationship, although HQ-25 and SAS-SV had a moderately weak one.

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