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That is a very labor-intensive process, but that might also point out some inaccuracies in the electronic data that we are able to get directly.

Dr Miller: There has been a hope that big data would get around some of the biases that might come into play in our clinical trial results.

We have been hearing a lot about big data over the past year or so.

We need to think carefully about what the clinical value is of huge compilations of patient information. Dr Miller: I really appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedule to talk to us about big data.

What might it allow us to do that we have not been able to do with the SEER database? The SEER database was created by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Dr Yu: First, I think that the SEER database is the gold standard, or the best source of cancer observational data. It was designed as a research tool to actually ask questions.

How does Cancer Lin Q compare to the SEER database?ASCO will begin to make sense of it and to explore it in a reasonable and trusted manner. One is quality improvement; it is the most obvious and one of our strengths at ASCO.For many years now, we have had Quality Oncology Practice Initiative® (QOPI), and now an electronic version of QOPI is being developed called e QOPI.How can we dive deep into data to understand that, and maybe develop a randomized clinical trial to definitively answer [the questions]?Real-world big data—observational data or whatever you want to call it—really complement the randomized clinical trial.

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